Who we are...

Dance Spirit is based on the dancing theatre "Korellon", founded in August, 2006. Dance Spirit performs various dancing shows. Despite the youth of our project, we had time to create four high-graded dancing shows on various subjects, and also show combining the best shows of the theatre. For a short period of time Dance Spirit has got a rich scenic experience in Estonia, and outside of it, participating in various competitions and dancing projects. You can see us performing in various clubs, sanatoriums and casinos all over Estonia.
If you wish to give an unforgettable, bright and breathtaking touch to your party, corporate evening, birthday, a New Year celebration or any other events, we can offer you our ready-to-go dancing programs, or any thematic shows upon your request. We will help you to pick up the right show for you and on a reasonable price.
To order a show by Dance Spirit please visit the contacts section of our website, and fill-in the form or simply call us on the phones numbers indicated in the contacts section.

Last photos:

05.04.2013 - Tantsuparadiis
12.01.2013 - Park Hotel and Casino
11.01.2013 - Bank Club 777
22.12.2012 - Voru
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